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The Irish Dystonia Research Group (IDRG) is focused on uncovering the cause, or causes, of adult onset dystonia and increasing our understanding of this disorder. This multidisciplinary team comprises neurologists from the Department of Neurology, St Vincent’s University Hospital, and engineers and scientists from the Neural Engineering laboratory, Trinity College Dublin (with additional national and international collaborators).

The research interest in adult onset dystonia began in 2002 In St Vincent’s University Hospital. Dr Sean O’Riordan, now a Consultant Neurologist at St Vincent’s University Hospital, was the first Research Fellow. Initial studies were purely clinical. The research developed markedly in 2009 with the establishment of an extremely productive relationship with Professor Richard Reilly, Trinity College Dublin. This collaboration has enabled us to expand our research methodology, enhance our data analysis, and to employ new technologies to improve the accuracy and/or cost or convenience of specific measurements.

The success of the IDRG may be inferred from our numerous publications in high-impact journals, the financial support awarded from various funding bodies, and strong career development of former clinical researchers. In addition, members of our team have been invited to address national and international audiences on our dystonia research; a further mark of the success and recognition enjoyed by our group.


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